Pamela Dumestre - Veterinary Technician


Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter
Reduced Stress
Your pet stays in familiar surroundings where all the sights, smells and sounds say "HOME"!

No "Travel Trauma"
Traveling to a friend or relative's home, boarding facility or kennel may be upsetting for your pet.

Diet, Exercise & Health Concerns
No interruptions to your pet's routines in diet & exercise and no exposure to illnesses from other animals.

One of the most important and desired factors.....your pet receives personal, complete and uninterrupted attention and love while you are away!

Your home is made more secure by the crime deterrent services provided by your pet sitter such as adjusting lighting and blinds/curtains, bringing mail and newspaper in to keep your home looking occupied.

Special Services
Your pet sitter may provide additional services while caring for your pet, such as indoor/outdoor plant watering, taxi service to grooming appointments or vet visits, or daily dog walks while you work long hours.

Peace Of Mind
While you are away, you can feel confident your pet is in loving, caring and capable hands!

Choosing A Pet Sitter
* Your pet sitter should be licensed-insured-bonded, and show you current documents to verify this. Ask your pet sitter what organizations they belong to and any additional training they may have received caring for animals.
* Your pet sitter should have available upon request, references from other clients, preferably from people who have the same type of pets as you. 
* Your pet sitter should have a clear and concise contract for you to approve and sign documenting all services and charges. This protects both YOU and your PET SITTER.
* Do your pets approve of the pet sitter? Watch their body language during your initial interview!
* Does your pet sitter ask you pertinent questions during your interview such as, dietary needs, health history, favorite toys and playtime fun, etc.?
* What is the sitter's "backup plan" in case of an emergency? Does your pet sitter have communication with other pet sitters in your area? Is there a qualified person to "take over" in the event of an emergency? Also, remember...during hurricane season you must have a backup plan for evacuation if needed! Your pet sitter will have numerous animals to care for and also may need to evacuate themselves.
* Do YOU feel comfortable during your interview with your pet sitter? This person, essentially a "stranger" to you, will have access to your home. You must be 100% confident in your choice of pet sitter.
* Have a list ready of questions you want to ask your pet sitter so that you do not forget anything you may want or need to know. Your pet sitter should be willing to answer any questions you may have, present a professional image and be clear and concise in their communications to you, be it through your 1st phone or email contact.
* Does your pet sitter have experience caring for the type of pet(s) you have? Are they experienced in giving medications if needed, especially injections? If not, you may want to ask them for a referral to another pet sitter with more experience if you are not comfortable with limited expertise in these areas. 

A good pet sitter wants your pet(s) to be in capable hands!